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Mystical Ritual

You can tell us your idea. But what we offer you is the following: 

Surprise your partner or guests with a hand-ordered ceremony or wedding liaison officiated by Priestesses instructed in the pagan ceremonies of the Celtic and Viking tradition. 

It is essential for this type of ceremonies to choose a place in nature, once there, we can include in the ceremony the intervention of musicians playing sacred instruments and the use of elements for sensory activation. 

When the "hand fasting" or ritual-hand union begins, the bride and groom, looking at each other, are tied up with a colour loop, previously laden with blessings during the ritual. 

"May the union last as long as love lasts" is said. Linking in this way, aims to achieve synergy in the couple, join forces, duplicate qualities, evolve with the support and learning of the other. 

This option, we recommend it to people in the path of personal and spiritual development. 


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