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Wedding shows with a touch of Magic...Start

Welcome to IBIZA TRUE LOVE! 
We help you put the magic touch at your party or event.

Our specialty?
Interactive rituals and exclusive shows for your wedding. 

What we never forget?
To our children, so we have a specialized service to include them at the party

Our lives are given to art and creativity, so, here on our White Island, we organize dance and music workshops throughout the year, aimed primarily at an audience who wants to keep healthy body, mind and spirit. 

Enlaces rituales

Link Rituals

The Isle of Love, they call it some, And a long time ago... that   the lovers come here to honour this powerful feeling with ritual of union. 

And we at Ibiza True Love, we help you to personalize it. 

The paradisiacal nooks that Ibiza offers to carry out a union ceremony are unmatched. Close your eyes and imagine now how it will be that ritual... 



Artistic interventions = shows

Open your mind, be amazed yourself and dazzle your guests. 

Pick a good show. This is the brushstroke that makes the difference, which comes directly to the Heart and awakens the senses. 

To see if you like any of these ideas, and if not... tell us what you want. 



animacion infantil

Children's entertainment 

It is always an option to leave the children at home, or in the hotel with a kangaroo, and if you need we can provide one. But... if this is not your idea, and you want to include your children in your party or activity plan… then let us put the magic touch: 




Ibiza is our home, and here in True love, we are active all year. We love art and joy, so we strive to keep this spirit alive in both winter and summer. 

Both on the web and in the networks you can be aware of the workshops we organize eventually, as the regular classes we offer at different points on the island. 



Follw us on Instagram @ibizatruelove

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