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Children's entertainment

It is always an option to leave the children at home, or in the hotel with a kangaroo, and if you need we can provide one. But... if this is not your idea, and you want to include your children in your party or activity plan… then let us put the magic touch: 


There may be something more fun than singing, dancing or circus!

If you want to organize a workshop for children that besides fun is formative. They will be entertained and in turn, work their skills and abilities. 

It could be a juggling workshop, acroyoga, aerial acrobatics ,dance or theatre, body makeup, music or singing…  What do you think? 

The duration of these workshops will be a maximum of two hours. 

Children's shows

Another option is to give your children an hour of entertainment for the senses. 

The shows come from the hands of great professionals of the clown or the interpretation. 

We can give you some ideas: 

It could be an interactive theatre show in which everyone intervenes. A puppet theatre or storytelling or an innovative show with music and circus, without forgetting the numbers of our clowns. 

It would also be possible to have a session of foam, inflatable castles etc

Fantasy characters

At a big party it's not important to just have a good décor; If you really want to surprise, you should include elements that are alive and contribute movement. 

Our actors will inhabit the space and act as an interactive decorative element. 

These characters are designed to entertain the children without having to take them away from the party. Delight the adults and entertained the children from the inside. 

Animated Nannies

We have qualified professionals who can take care of your children for hours and at home. 

They can also go to your party and do a work of entertainment if they have the suitable space. 

Our nannies will go to your party, and if you want, they will deploy all of our crafts and toys material. 

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