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Ibiza true love

Ibiza true Love is an entertainment company, based in Ibiza, created by Rebeca C. Platero. Dedicated to the creative idea of sharing, mixing, knowing and producing art by joining and mixing knowledge and cultures. 

We choose a life given to learning, production and artistic, cultural and musical  diffusion. 

We work in Ibiza all year and we also facilitate our creations at national and international level if the situation requires. 

In summer season, we search, create and offer artistic shows and interventions to taste and request of the client. 


All year round we offer babysitting and entertainment services for all kinds of events. 

Also throughout the year, but especially in winter season, we focus our energy on the art does not decay in Ibiza, so we make sure to facilitate without stopping the arrival of professionals from different artistic disciplines, such as circus, music, different styles of dance. 


The name "True Love" that was originally related to our specialization in rituals and shows for liaison ceremonies, currently refers to what his name indicates, true love, contrary to the social prototype of romantic love, rather Inspired by the kind of love a father or mother can feel for their puppies. 

True Love
Rebeca Love


Spanish by birth, with studies in psychology and social integration. 

Creative Artist of independent character: 

Actress, dancer and choreographer. 

Formed in dance, theatre and circus arts. Specializing in ethnic folklore and sacred rituals. 

She has worked in different performance, theatre and dance companies at national and international level.

She has coordinated and directed artistic projects with objectives within the scope of cultural integration, as well as theatrical performances with dancers, musicians and circus artists. 

She has targeted an adult audience as well as children. 

Currently... Coordinates "Ibiza true love". 

Create and produce shows, montages and rituals on demand. 

"On the way to self-knowledge, rooting and freedom, I dedicate my time to creating ritual spectacles and teaching dance courses”

Rebekah Love… inspiraTIOn

First of all, I want to share with everyone who walks quite close of my heart and my feet, that I have a secret weapon.

This magical talisman, is able to take you from anger to joy in a moment, to take from you, the deepest and most unknown emotions and to make conscious the unconscious.

It can make you go from laughter to tears, from tension to surrender. And, in all safety, it takes you towards self-knowledge and with it, the inevitable growth.

It makes you aware of how you are, (your physical body, your mind, your emotions, your instinct), which is what you want and where you have to start walking.


Ever since I was a child, my path was linked to art inevitably, not because I was a power, but because life there put it on me, in front of my feet.

TODAY I can say that the movement and especially MUSIC, are the engine of my life, my gasoline to wake up and continue.

I already gave my soul to the devil, I live devoted to art one hundred percent. I create… and I share my creations; and that is what I have always chosen to do.

I trained as a dancer since I was a little girl, then as an actress and finally, as a circus artist. I was never especially good at any of these disciplines. That yes, the music always vibrated so deep in my heart! ... I was so moved by human emotions! ... what I felt unfair or unfavorable, or beautiful or touching ... I heard a drum and my feet burned, and I needed to go dancing, because music was calling me, against all my fears and insecurities, against all social judgments and those of my head… I had to go out dancing.

Today, I know that music is a divine language in code, it touches you and moves you, even if you do not notice, it even if you do not understand it, it takes you. We all have this quality, we can all be Dancers.

Well, in short ... Rebecca definition: Human being with toooo heart.

From very small I had the fortune or the misfortune, according to how it looks ... to travel a lot and to know other cultures. So my strength or weakness ended up being: 

to give myself to the constant discovery of new folklores, new cultures, and in the end, I specialized in ethnic folklores and sacred rituals of different ethnicities and cultures of Latin America and the African continent.

And of course… this is the story that never ends, and that… is one of its greatest attractions.

I just want to share this treasure with other people, with future generations, with my children that are to come, and in this I apply myself and give my hours.

I also love animals and nature a lot, I consider myself on the road to reconnection. These dances that I study contain a lot of ancestral information that helps me in this search.

That is why I named my new dance courses: Root Dance classes, because they seek reconnection, recognition, acceptance and finally empowerment.

As a woman, I consider that surrendering to creativity in any of its forms is one of the most respectable professions that can exist.

For you who are there reading.

💛 One love 💛

Rebeca love


First of all, thank my daughter who is coming ... for the motivation and inspiration. 

To my blood family, for the always unconditional support. 

Thanks to my dear Lorena and Javi, without whose wedding I would never have felt the inspiration to focus my efforts on painting colours, these so-called, magical days of liaison. Eternally grateful also for the material borrowed. 

A humble reverence, of affection and admiration before the art and all its manifestations, thanks to all those colleagues of profession that in the past or at present still work hand in hand with me. Miller, Lilit, Julia, Luis, Kinou, Alberto, Mirjam, Bibiche, Zoa, Maria, Ainhoa, Alejandro, Ablaye, Oscar, Mariano, Valentin, Andrea, Darlan, Edy, Pedro, Ana, Sabrina, Elena, Guillermo, Fernando, Rodrigo, Beto, Kiwi, Marina, Yanire, Virginia, Sia, Neliah, Eva, Ángela, Romina, Valeria, Tamara, David, José, Antonio, Carolina ... Endless thanks for all the walked, lived and learned. 

And we go for more 

It is no less important to take into account so many years of audio-visuals material, and those that will come! Thanks, Giorgina, thank you Sun, for so many pictures. And of course ... Darío Sanz, Ibiza-in-love and the art of capturing moments that will remain forever in the memory. 

Thanks Ivo, Claudia, for Designs, tips and diffusion. 

To all my Masters and Directors, to all those who left traces, in one-way or another. 


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